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How the St. Genevieve Story Came to E-Life

The St. Genevieve Memories Website Committee meets at Carolina Day School.
^ The St. Genevieve Memories Website Committee meets at Carolina Day School.

The letter came from Millie Elmore, Joe Lalley, Debby Wolcott, and Tish Anderson, who had been discussing for several months the history of the St. Genevieve schools, concerned that a comprehensive, centralized document preserving the heritage and legacy of the schools did not exist. One or two novels presented a fictitious version of the academy, newspaper articles scattered across nearly 70 years recorded bits and pieces of the history, and Mother Margaret Potts, Superior of SGP 1962-1967, wrote a memoir that captured much of the SGP story.

Yet even with these sources, large gaps in the St. Genevieve history remained. The group agreed unanimously that the schools that existed from 1908 – 1987 had made a huge impact on the Asheville community and deserved better remembrance than these scattered pieces could provide. As faculty members were aging (a number have already died, as have most of the nuns), it seemed urgent that a committee begin to pull together as much history as possible. The foursome imagined a single publication telling the St. Genevieve story as fully as possible.

As a member of the Carolina Day School Board of Visitors, Millie Bitter Elmore SGP ’64 and mother of Mimi SG/GH ’87 and Will SG/GH ‘89 was a natural link to take the group to the St. Genevieve archives at CDS and to explore the possibility of coordinating the team’s efforts through CDS. As conversation advanced with Ashly Maag, Director of Advancement at CDS, the idea of a website evolved.

Knowing the experience and success of Stephanie Smith SG/GH ’86 as owner and founder of the Brite Agency, a local marketing firm, the committee knew immediately that they wanted to invite Stephanie to take the helm of the project and steer the efforts toward creating a St. Genevieve Memories website. When Stephanie read the committee’s request, she enthusiastically and graciously agreed to take on the challenge. Her gifts have proven invaluable; her experience, talents, and passion for St. Genevieve have given vision to the project.

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