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St Genevieve Memories

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Sources and Acknowledgements


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Preservation Society of Asheville & Buncombe County

Extended conversations with Joe Lalley provided many details and clarified information about all of the RCE schools and the Asheville community. Mr. Lalley’s long career at Gibbons Hall, St. Genevieve of-the-Pines, and St. Genevieve/Gibbons Hall and his friendships with families, Sisters of the Religious of Christian Education, alumni, and faculty are the source of valuable history and stories. The thoroughness and accuracy of this project are the result of his generous dedication to the endeavor.

Tish Anderson, SG/GH faculty member, was responsible for hundreds of hours of painstaking research and constant engagement of others in our efforts. She deserves endless credit for her passion for this project and for her eloquent writing, which flows throughout this website.

Stephanie Smith, SG/GH ’86 and owner of the Brite Agency in Asheville, has enthusiastically and selflessly provided professional skills and knowledge to build this interactive website.

The St. Gen Memories website committee includes Joe Lalley, Stephanie Smith, Debby Wolcott, Millie Elmore, and Tish Anderson. Read more about how the website came to e-life.

The staff of Carolina Day School has generously assisted and supported the St. Gen. Memories Website committee in myriad ways and with a generous spirit:

Ashly Smith Maag, Director of Advancement, Carolina Day School.

Theresa Crowder, Records Manager, Advancement Office, Carolina Day School.

Zanne Garland, Director of Annual Giving & Alumni Relations, Carolina Day School.

Molly Milroy, Communications Coordinator, Carolina Day School.   

Robbie Francis, Media Specialist, Carolina Day School.


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