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St Genevieve Memories

St. Genevieve's Junior College


After the RCE closed the four-year College of St. Genevieve, St. Genevieve’s Junior College, offering a two-year AA degree and a secretarial course, served the Asheville community through June 1955.  The college offered a sound curriculum as well as numerous extracurricular activities and leadership groups. The chorus was a particularly popular organization. In addition, students organized drives for charity. In 1955, the junior college became the St. Genevieve School for Secretaries, a one-year program that included the college’s strong business courses.

Edith LalleyFather Nicolas Liston, chaplain and professorMr. Hugh StanardMother Mouquet

Served Twenty-Five Years

by Patricia Anderson

stanard.jpgEcho of the Pines, the yearbook of St. Genevieve’s junior college, provides a glimpse into life in the two-year program, which was part of St. Genevieve from 1930 -55. The faculty generally included 8 or 10 religious and an equal number of lay faculty. Students enjoyed extracurricular activities as members of the yearbook and newspaper staffs, Modern Language Club, Children of Mary, Glee Club, Discussion Club, and Athletic Club.

Responsible for policies of student government, the Executive Board received reports of serious infringement of rules and heard appeals. The Athletic Club provided additional opportunities for sports, while the Glee Club, the most active in the college, “endeavor[ed] constantly to inspire its audiences with the love and appreciation of music that is so much a living part of all the members…,” according to the 1951 yearbook. The chorus, “small in number but great in the spirit of music,” performed often, both on and off campus.

mouquet.jpgAfter twenty years of two foreign language groups, the French and Spanish clubs, in 1950, the Modern Language Club blended the two “to promote better understanding through knowledge of Franco-Spanish cultural relations…” With a modern, progressive view toward worldwide residence for graduates, the club “encourage[d] any student toward the cultivation and appreciation of patterns of living elsewhere in the world.”

edith_nicholas.jpgAn important project of Children of Mary was to provide clothing for a child of St. Anthony’s Church...

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